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Anthony, Jim. Jim Anthony was created by “John Grange,” the pseudonym of Victor Rousseau Emmanuel (Ivan Brodsky, Clifford, Ronald Gowan, Phileas Immanuel, King of Knaves, King’s Courier, Professor MacBeard, Isabel Marston, Dr. Martinus, Pennell, Shawm, Thorne, Mr. X), and appeared in twenty-five stories in Super-Detective from 1940 to 1943, beginning with "Dealer in Death" (Super-Detective, Oct. 1940).

Jim Anthony is one of the more naked Doc Savage lifts in pulp fiction. Anthony is a swarthy half-Irish, half-Comanche adventurer. He is left a fortune by his father, the owner of the Daily Star, and Anthony uses his wealth to fight crime:

Anthony was a murder man of international repute. Not the murderer, of course, but the hunter of men, the seeker of killers. This was his major hobby, homicide, though an amazing mind and physical perfection allowed him tremendous insight into fully half a hundred of the other -ologies usually assumed by college professors alone. Possession of one of America's major fortunes was always an advantage - for Jim Anthony charged no fees, and consequently was called all over the world on interesting cases.

Anthony is helped on cases by his childhood friend, the aviator Tom Gentry, and by the plucky Dolores Colquitt.

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