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Ames, Bar-Nothing Red. Bar-Nothing Red Ames was created by Eugene Cunningham (Cleve Corby, Lance Craig, Gip Drago, Bob Land, Richard Ralston, Shelley, Ware) and appeared in six stories in Lariat Story Magazine, Dime Western Magazine, and Zane Grey’s Western Magazine from 1928 to 1953, beginning with “Bar-Nuthin’—Feud-Breaker” (Lariat Story Magazine, May 1928).

“Bar-Nothing” Red Ames is a Texas Ranger, part of Captain Hewey’s X Company. Ames is a red-headed cowboy, talkative beneath his Stetson. He is known as “Bar-Nothing” because of his tendency to seek out trouble. “For the name of this tall, swaggering, happy-go-lucky red-head was known from border to border of Texas—and fairly well in adjoining states—as one of the deadliest two-gun rangers in the Frontier Battalion and as a puzzle-buster, a criminal-catcher, towering in the very front rank.”

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