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Allison, Lester. Lester Allison was created by Don Wilcox (Ben Gleed, “Ebbtide” Jones, Whispering Gorilla) and appeared in three stories in Amazing Stories from 1940 to 1943, beginning with “Slave Raiders From Mercury” (Amazing Stories, June 1940).

Lester Allison is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a simple twenty-three-year-old farm boy who visits a traveling circus and sees, in the sideshow, a spaceship which was found in a wheat field. Allison and others enter the ship and are transported to Mercury, where they are forced to fight the forces of the Dazzalox, the natives of Mercury’s subterranean world, who hold human slaves and torment them. The Dazzalox have a cruel, death-obsessed culture and lust after human women. But the female Dazzalox rebel against their men, and Allison helps lead the slave revolt. After they win Allison and the surviving human slaves resettle Mercury. Allison marries the pretty June, who helped rally the female Dazzalox.

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