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El Alacrán. El Alacrán was created by the Mexican creator Alfonso Tirado (Frankenstein, Huapactzin, Moab, Moctezuma, Dick Morgan. Oceyolotl, Phantom Thief (II), Pirate Queen (III), Karl Rice) and appeared in the comic strip “El Charro Misterioso o E Alacrán” (Pepin, Jan. 17, 1940-Sept. 25, 1941).

El Alacrán is a Costumed Avenger modeled on Zorro. In 19th century Mexico a masked vigilante, El Alacrán (the scorpion), fights against evil. His secret identity is Carlos, the seemingly timid son of Don Francisco Media, the Marquis of Sierra Gorda. As El Alacrán he is an accomplished horseman and fighter and uses all his skills to fight a cruel landowner, the Invisible Man, the Shadow, a Mad Scientist, Femmes Fatales, Yellow Perils, a Chucho el Roto-like swindler, a French swordsman, and even, during one trip back in time, a group of corrupt Lost Race Aztecs in Tenochtitlan. At the end of the series El Alacrán reveals his secret identity to his gal-pal Mercedes, who persuades him to retire and marry her, which he does.

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