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Adaptive Ultimate. The Adaptive Ultimate was created by Stanley Weinbaum (Ham Hammond, Tweel, Haskel van Manderpootz) and appeared in “The Adaptive Ultimate” (Astounding Stories, November 1935).

The Adaptive Ultimate is a Superhuman Femme Fatale. Kyra Zelas is a plain, mousy woman who is dying of tuberculosis. Fortunately for her, Dr. Daniel Scott, a brilliant young biochemist, has an idea for her treatment. His thought was that since fruit flies are the "most adaptive of living organisms,” he could concoct a serum from their bodies which would allow other living beings, like humans, to adapt to injury and old age. Since Kyra is dying, Scott's superior, Dr. Bach, has no objection to Scott trying out the serum on Kyra.

It works. Too well, in fact, because Kyra is not only cured of tuberculosis but becomes a paragon of health and beauty, her body automatically adjusting itself to whatever conditions it is in. Kyra turns out to be a bit of a rotter and schemes her way to power, killing children and adults on her way to the top. She's so adaptive, not just physically but in personality, that she makes Scott fall in love with her. Eventually Scott and Bach fix her, but Scott remains in love with her, giving the story a bittersweet ending.

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