ZX-5.  ZX 5 is among America's best spies. Directed by Major Jason, ZX-5 roams the US and the world, first fighting Germany analogues and then Germans themselves. After the war he becomes a top (hard-boiled) private eye. He has no superpowers, but is otherwise so excellent that he needs none.  ZX-5 fights against fascists in countries like Transovania (Europe) and Chesterland (East Africa) and fights criminals, spies and villains like El Toro, Thuggees, and Yellow Perils like Prince Yoshiwara. He appeared in stories with titles like “The Perfect Ghoul,” “Plague House,” and “The Menace of Madam Satan.”

First Appearance: Jumbo Comics #1 (Fiction House), Sept, 1938. 139 appearances, 1938-1950. Created by Will Eisner.
















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