Zatara. John Zatara is a famous stage magician who actually has magical powers. He travels the world, fighting evil and wicked magicians wherever he finds them, including his Loving Enemy the Tigress. Speaking his backwards spells, he can do pretty much anything the plot requires him to do. He is assisted by his faithful Chinese stereotype servant Tong. He fights Egyptian wizards, an evil Druid, Zulus, a Mad Lama, Mongol warriors, the Gorilla King, a Saturnian terror, and Moon Men, among others. Zatara appears in stories with titles like “The Man Who Could Control Minds,” “Nargo, the Ruler of Atlantis,” and “The Emerald of Cheops.”

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (DC), June 1939. 100+ appearances, 1939-1951. Created by Fred Guardineer.









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