Zardi. "Zardi, Prince of Zandipore, the Eternal Man...he saw the pyramids built--he saw the Red Sea parted! He knows every form of magic! The story long whispered among world explorers--that an eternal man exists after having lived for many, many centuries has been proved true! That man is Zardi, Prince of Zandipore, the Eternal Man!" He is immediately served by his Indian servant Nogi but has a vast network of helpers to assist him; they are around the world and are contacted telepathically by Zardi when needed. Zardi is fabulously wealthy, apparently having used his years to accumulate great stores of gems. He fights ordinary criminals.

First Appearance: Amazing-Man Comics #11 (Centaur), Apr 1940. 4 appearances, 1940. Created by Steve Jussen and ?










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