Young Robinhood. “A wiry, young mysterious shadow who swoops down to strangle the pompous gluttons of tainted gold and all the pits of poverty with their ill-gotten gains!” Billy Lackington wants to help the war effort and eventually strikes upon a means of doing so. He decides to follow the model of his hero, Robin Hood, and begins fighting for justice and the right with a bow and arrow as Young Robinhood. He is helped by a modern version of the Merry Men:  Fatso, Squeeky, and Freckles. Billy in turn sometimes sidekicks for Bombshell. Billy is a good archer but has no superpowers. He appears in stories with titles like “The Ghost of Big Doc,” “The Return of the Veiled Lady,” and “Phantom Archer Strikes Again.”

First Appearance: Boy Comics #3 (Lev Gleason), Apr 1942. 30 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by George Mandel and ?














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