Young Allies. The Young Allies are a kid gang brought together by Bucky and Toro to help fight crime when Bucky and Toro aren’t busy helping Captain America and the Human Torch. The Allies are, in addition to Bucky and Toro, Knuckles (the Brooklyn tough guy), Tubby (the fat kid), Jeff (the bookworm) and Whitewash Jones (the racist stereotype). They primarily fight Axis agents: the Red Skull, Agent Zero, the Monk, the Black Talon, the Khan, the Owl, and so on. There are also ordinary gangsters and name criminals like the Doll Devil, the Python, and the Mad Fiend of Horror Castle. The Young Allies appear in stories with titles like “Horror of the Murdering Magician,” “The Monster of the Maniac Murders,” and “Eeney, Meeny, Miny Murder.”

First Appearance: Young Allies #1 (Marvel), Summer 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1947. Created by Otto Binder and Charles Nicholas.















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