Yellowjacket. Vince Harley is the editor of a crime writer and the editor of Dark Detective Magazine. He is looking for information on the perfect crime, and in his search he becomes involved with a bank robbery. The thieves knock him out and then try to tip a carton of yellowjackets on top of him. However, Vince is not stung, as he is “one of those rare people that bees don’t sting.” Vince is not stung, but is angry, and so puts on a costume, discovers his talent for directing bees, and goes out and fights crime. He has the ability to command bees and brings swarms with him on patrol. He fights ordinary criminals, insane surgeons, foreign agents, and mad architects. The Yellowjacket appears in stories with titles like "The Adventure of the Golden Horn Murder," "The Tropical Treasure," and "The Adventure of the Man with the Scar!"

First Appearance: Yellowjacket Comics #1 (Charlton), Sept 1944. 17 appearances, 1944 1946. Created by ?















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