Wilson, Yank. Yank Wilson is “Super-Spy Q-4,” a top secret agent for the U.S. government. When the "empire crazed Eskimongolians from North Poleria (the Arctic Circle)" invade, Wilson leads the counter-attack, although the Americans’ super-advanced high-tech weapons (heat rays, atom separators, etc) play a large part in that. When spies, saboteurs, and subversives of every sort threaten the U.S., from the Black Hood to the painter Count Jorgka, Wilson is there to stop them. Wilson appears in stories with titles like “Case of the Sinking Subs,” “Hondo Hits Hawaii,” and “Agent of Arson.”

First Appearance: Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox), Dec 1939. 24 appearances, 1939-1942. Created by Jack Farr.








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