Yank. Rick Walters is the son of Walt Walters, aka The Black Owl. Unfortunately, Rick and his twin brother Dick are too young to officially enlist, so they put on costumes to fight enemy spies in the U.S., Rick as Yank and Dick as his partner Doodle. Yank is almost powerless when alone, but when he is in the presence of the Doodle he has super-strength and invulnerability. The criminals he fights are ordinary criminals and Axis agents; one, the Limping Man, is a recurring adversary. In one story he meets Frankenstein, Bulldog, Black Owl, Green Lama, and Dr. Frost. Yank and Doodle appear in stories with titles like “A Killer Called Cropper,” “The Spy Ring of Roger Smith,” and “Agree to Suicide.”

First Appearance: Prize Comics #13 (Prize), Aug 1941. 32 appearances, 1941 1947. Created by Paul Norris and ?















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