X the Phantom Fed. “Meet X, the Phantom of the F.B.I...he fights single-handed against sinister lords of crime - this ‘Man of a Million Faces’ has developed the art of disguised into an exact science. Not even his few intimates have seen his real face and no one has penetrated his disguises that can fool anyone.” In addition to his disguises, he carries various gadgets on his body, including lockpicks, and is assisted by reporter Betty Dale. X fights against death ray-wielding costumed madmen and anti-American subversives, and appears in stories with titles like “The Terror Trust” and “Ambassador of Doom.”

First Appearance: Sure Fire Comics #1 (Ace), June 1940. 5 appearances, 1940. Created by Robert Turner and George Appel. Note: Based on Paul Chadwick’s Secret Agent X, from the eponymous pulp.
















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