Wyoming Kid. “Ask any buckaroo from Old Mexico to the Canadian border what he thinks of the Wyoming Kid, and the answer’ll be: `He’s the straightest, hardest-riding, toughest-punching man’s man that ever wore spurs.’” Johnny Jones, as a teenager, loses his father to murder and tries to avenge him. This involves searching all over the West while taking various jobs as a bronco bucker, army scout, deputy, and prospector. He never does find him, but he keeps wandering and looking. He is helped by his horse Racer. The Wyoming Kid appears in stories with titles like "The Fangs of the Rattler," "The Town That Was Never Robbed," and "On the Vengeance Trail."

First Appearance: Western Comics #1 (DC), Jan-Feb 1948. 100+ appearances, 1948-1961. Created by Howard Sherman and Ryerson Johnson.

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