Wun Cloo. Wun Cloo is a Chinese laundryman who also happens to be a student of criminology–and a good one. When the police can’t solve a case, the Chief of Police consults with Wun Cloo, who inevitably is clever and smart enough to solve it for them, even if the case involves the “master second story burglar” known as the Eel. Wun Cloo is drawn stereotypically and has elements of stereotypical racist humor in his dialogue, but the strips themselves treat him seriously and with respect as a master crime-solver. He appears in stories with titles like “Ting Ling’s Circus Gorilla Man,” “Professor Ratheart,” and “Boomerang Bullets.”

First Appearance: Smash Comics #6 (Quality), Jan 1940. 69 appearances, 1940-1949. Created by Gill Fox.










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