Wonderman. Brad Spencer is accidentally exposed to a "sizzling voltage of a secret current." This gives him superpowers, and he uses his new abilities to become Brad Spencer, Wonderman, and to fight crime. He is helped by his girlfriend Carol Paige, who uses a “compensator belt” to travel with and fight alongside Spencer. Spencer has the ability to become invulnerable (as hard as steel) and has super-strength, and uses a “flame pistol” to kill certain enemies. Wonderman’s main opponents are the Mad Scientist Dr. Voodoo and the alien Immortal Emperor, who have teamed up to invade and conquer Earth. The Emperor’s home planet is "Lilith, the Dark Planet," which harbors "evil souls after they have run their gamut of violence and bloodshed on Earth." When Wonderman goes to Lilith, he finds it full of harpies, Huns, and ghosts. Further superhero/horror adventures follow. Wonderman appears in stories with titles like "The Treasure of the Aztec Princess," "The Monsters of Dr. Voodoo," and "Peril on Pluto."

First Appearance: Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1 (Standard), 1944. 14 appearances, 1944-1947. Created by Bob Oksner and ?







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