Wizard. Blane Whitney is the great great grandson of a Revolutionary War hero–the original Wizard--and the brother of the Chief of Naval Intelligence in Washington. With a pedigree like that you know he'll turn out well, and so he does. He trains himself, starting as a child, to be a "Super Brain," and succeeds, gaining clairvoyance and a photographic memory. In addition, after being blinded early on he regains his sight and develops an invulnerable costume for himself. Lastly, he has gadgets: a "Dynamagno Saw Ray Projector," an "H2 VX O Ray," and "Secret Formula F22X," among others. The Wizard appears in stories with titles like “Rollo the Ape-Man,” “Flaming Fingers of Death,” and “The Vain Robot.”

First Appearance: Top Notch Comics #1 (Archie), Dec 1939. 21 appearances, 1939-1944. Created by Will Harr and Edd Ashe.








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