Wildfire. As a child Carol Vance is orphaned during a forest fire, but she is not killed. Nor is she frightened by the Lord of Fire, who is responsible for the fire. The Lord of Fire tells her “I shall spare you, oh fearless child. I now give you immunity against death or injury by fire, and make you mistress of flame!” As an adult, now Carol Vance Martin, she uses her abilities to fight crime and evil. Her opponents are mostly ordinary criminals and Axis agents, although there are a few name villains, like the Frog, Mad Merlin, and the Dean of Darkness. She appears in stories with titles like “The Fire Cult,” “Big Tom’s Oil Saboteurs,” and “The Murderous Frog of the Mardi Gras.”

First Appearance: Smash Comics #25 (Quality), Aug 1941. 13 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Robert Turner and Jim Mooney.









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