Wiggles the Wonder-Worm. On Earth-Funny Animal the “savage Jap beetles” invade and raze Happy Village, forcing the inhabitants to leave for a new home. Wiggles the Worm is visited in his dreams by the legendary Wiggles the Wonder-Worm, who tells him: “I can conquer the air! I can conquer the sea! I’m as strong as any ox! I’m as brave as can be and–from now on–every time you say ‘Ohmygosh” you will be able to do these things too!” Wiggles helps the other animals of Happy Village with his new powers and becomes famous. Wiggles has the Superman suite of powers, but loses his powers when bonked on the head.

First Appearance: Taffy Comics #1 (Orbit-Wanted), Mar-Apr 1945. 8+ appearances, 1945. Created by Brian Savage and Bill Savage.










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