Whizzer. Dr. Emil Frank is deep in the African jungles when his son, Bob, comes down with a fever. As he lays dying, a snake moves to bite Bob, only to be killed by a mongoose. Dr. Frank is seized by the idea of giving his son a blood transfusion from the mongoose. The transfusion works, curing Bob Frank and giving him super-speed. However, Dr. Frank dies of the strain. So Bob Frank goes to New York, puts on a yellow and blue costume, and goes out to fight crime and the Axis, eventually joining the All Winners Squad. During his adventures in the Golden Age he is shown, on more than one occasion, to be active in African American neighborhoods--a rarity for GA heroes--and to have an African American sidekick named Slow Motion Jones. The Whizzer appears in stories with titles like “Plague of the Poisoned Jewelry,” “Terror Prison,” and “Speed on the Rampage.”

First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (Marvel), Aug 1941. 45 appearances, 1941-1947. Created by Al Avison, Al Gabriele, and ?








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