White Rider. Young Peter, of no particular last name, is orphaned when the stage coach on which he and his parents are riding is held up. Peter is knocked into a stream and drifts into a lost valley full of horses and an old man. One of the horses, an intelligent white stallion, pulls Peter from the waters and then saves his life when a black steed attacks him. Peter is found by the old man and raised in the valley, which "because of the extreme depth of the canyon" has a greater "pull of gravity." Peter grows up to be very strong and a "grim, silent figure  skilled with both rope and gun." Likewise, the horse, whom Peter has named Cloud, becomes Peter's best friend. Together, they fight crime as the masked White Rider and Superhorse. He appears in stories with titles like “Revenge For a Horse,” “The Mad Sheepherders,” and “Gold! Gold!”

First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics #1 (Novelty Press), June 1940. 43 appearances, 1940-1953. Created by ?








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