Whistler. Mallory Drake is hired as a police reporter at the Evening Globe, but that same day gangsters kill his stage performer brother. As he dies, he tells Mallory, “remember–once you whistled–three notes? Made shivers–run down–my spine! Scariest sound–I ever–heard. Use that whistle–scare criminals–pay them back!” And Drake does that, finding that his whistle paralyzes criminals for just long enough for him to knock them out. His criminals are ordinary, but in one case he takes on a murderer killing the namesakes of famous historical personages. He appears in stories with titles like “Monster of Milton Park,” “The Murder of Mischa Lanz,” and “Another Namesake Murder.”

First Appearance: National Comics #48 (Quality), June 1945. 8 appearances, 1945-1948. Created by Vernon Henkel.














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