Carter, Whirlwind. Whirlwind Carter is an ace agent for the Interplanetary Secret Service in an unnamed year in the future. He lives "on the highly civilized planet of Venus," where he keeps track of the other planets "through his powerful scopes and super television sets." When "hordes of grotesque Martian soldiers" invade the Earth and capture "millions of Earthpeople," Whirlwind whirls into action, rescuing the kidnapped Earthers and equipping them with "our elastic gas bombs" so that he can lead them on an invasion of Earth. Along with his sidekick/love interest Brenda, Whirlwind rescues Earth and drives the Martians "past the 50,000 mile limit." The story ends with whirlwind being appointed "Head of the Earth Department of the Interplanetary Secret Service." He later fights the men of the "Planet of Black Light  the coldest planet in space!" Whirlwind's ships are equipped with advanced weaponry, and although he has no superpowers he is good in a fight.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #4 (Marvel), May 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by Fletcher Hanks.

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