Whip. In the 1840s Don Fernando Suarez, a Mexican aristocrat, helped fight for the oppressed peasantry as the costumed El Castigo, the Whip. In the 1940s Rodney Gaynor, an upper class Easterner, is traveling through the American southwest when he notices that a band of landowners are oppressing the poor. So Gaynor puts on a costume and affects a stereotypical  Mexican accent and fights crime and evil. He has no special powers but is a good fighter, is good with a whip, and is a good horseback rider (he's a polo rider back East). He is assisted by his Chinese valet Wing Tai. The Whip appears in stories with titles like "The Distilatomic Dynamo," "Adventure of the Nisei Japanese Patriot," and "The Curse of the Alverados."

First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (DC), Mar 1940. 23 appearances, 1940-1945. Created by John B. Wentworth and George Storm.














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