Terrific Whatzit. McSnurtle the Turtle, an ordinary anthropomorphic turtle, is the subject of a bet between Prince Highness, the governor and comptroller of all things good on Earth-Animal, and Prince Lowness, the overseer of all things evil. Princes Highness and Lowness are wagering about human corruptibility, and to decide the bet they bestow superpowers on McSnurtle. Fortunately McSnurtle is too lazy to give in to temptation. Prince Highness also gives McSnurtle an "Automatic Conscience," which prods McSnurtle into crimefighting. McSnurtle, a citizen of Zooville, becomes The Terrific Whatzit, foe of anthropomorphic criminals everywhere. The Terrific Whatzit appears in stories with titles like "Buddy, Can You Spare a Crime," "Mystery of the Missing Punch," and "I Wake Up Snearing."

First Appearance: Funny Stuff #1 (DC), Summer 1944. 14 appearances, 1944 1946. Created by Sheldon Mayer and Martin Naydel.















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