Werewolf Hunter. “Pure fancy werewolfery may be, yet a subject ever fascinating. And so, as the blood moon rises over the musty French Quarter of legend-steeped New Orleans, let’s drop in on Professor Broussard, who has made a life-long hobby of studying werewolfery and the black arts.” Broussard is a scholar and vigilante, and kills off werewolves where he finds them. Also, the Brotherhood of the Masters of Black Magic, webbed-handed vampires, the carnivorous Pharaoh Tree, the High Priestess of a spider cult, mermaids, voodoo cultists, and mummies. He uses stakes, black magic, alchemical formulae, chloroform, and guns, when necessary. He appears in stories with titles like "The Tentacle Terror from Beelzebub's Void," "The Devil's Bride, " and "The Cats of Senor Shaitan."

First Appearance: Rangers Comics #8 (Fiction House), Dec 1942. 37 appearances, 1942 1954. Created by Gustaf Schrotter and ?















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