Voice (III). “The Voice, a man of a thousand mysteries and exceptional powers is in reality Dan Lang, son of circus performers. Reared among unusual people, Dan acquires unusual powers; the power of hypnotism thru voice control, superb agility and strength, and with goggles of his own invention the power to see in the dark. They call him the Voice because he can throw his voice great distances, make it almost inaudible or as loud as the roar of a cannon and with it he can also direct the mental reactions of others.” He also carries a pistol which fires tranquilizer bullets. In his first appearance he wrecks the plans of a hooded mastermind who is conquering Mexican oil fields preparatory to conquering the U.S.A. In his second appearance the Voice (III) fights a crime syndicate whose agents wear armored suits.

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #22 (Centaur), May 1941. 2 appearances, 1941. Created by Michael Mirando and ?


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