V-Man. Jerry Steele, "ace of the American Eagle Squadron, fighting for Britain," is captured by the Germans while helping the V underground in Europe. Shot and left for dead, he is saved by Father Duroc and nursed back to health through the use of “strange drugs, not in any medical books.” He gains "the powers of the V sign, greater physical and mental power than other men have!" as well as the ability to change into V-Man. He is assisted by the V-Boys Defense Corps, boys who wear costumes similar to V-Man’s. In addition to his powers V-Man has the V-ring, which sends and receives tv, radio, and "spot focusing" rays. V-Man fights Germans in the U.S. and occupied Europe. He appears in stories with titles like "The Tube of Creeping Death" and "Horror of the Dungeons."

First Appearance: V... Comics #1 (Fox), Jan 1942. 13 appearances, 1942-1943. Created by Jay Foster and Ramona Patenaude.















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