Vision. Aarkus, a.k.a. the Vision, has two origins. In the first he is a policeman (“Keeper of Law”) on Smoke World, which is in another dimension. He captures the criminal who commits  the first murder on Smoke World in centuries. The Vision, assisted by the "Law Giver," is looking for a suitable place of banishment for the murderer when he lucks into contact with an Earth scientist by the name of Markham Erickson. Erickson has pierced the spatial/dimensional barriers and asks the Vision to come to Earth to act as a super powered guardian over humanity. The Vision's first attempt to come to Earth results in him going to Jupiter, where he leaves the murderer. He then comes to Earth. The Vision’s second origin has him as the "first High Lama of Shangri La" and that he had discovered the secret of immortality in Shangri La, untold centuries ago, and made himself immortal, pledging himself to help the humanity. His powers vary from traveling via smoke to plot device abilities.

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Marvel), Nov 1940, 18 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.















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