Venus. Venus is the alien ruler of the planet Venus. “How many centuries have I ruled this planet? How weary I am of the life I lead! If only some day I might visit our sister planet Earth! If only some day I might enjoy the friendship of mortal, earthly woman...and of a man of Earth. For centuries have I lived the life of a goddess–adored, admired and envied! But, alas, unloved! How I would trade this lonely barren existence for just a normal life on the planet Earth!” She eventually decides to do so, and wishes herself to Earth, where she is only a “real flesh and blood creature,” without any of the powers (and worshipers) she has while on Venus. (She can return there whenever she wishes, though). She fights crime and fixes lonely hearts and broken relationships. She appears in stories with titles like “Beyond the Third Dimension,” “The End of the World,” and “The Ten Goddesses.”

First Appearance: Venus #1 (Marvel), Aug 1948. 19 appearances, 1948-1952. Created by Lin Streeter and ?















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