Veiled Avenger. “Justice is often defeated by the cunning conspiracies of clever crooks. Because of this Ginny Spears leads a double life. By day she’s the district attorney’s secretary. By night the Veiled Avenger, exotic enemy of evil.” Spears is a take-no-nonsense person, both as secretary--“Don’t get excited” is her response to her boss’ “You haven’t the authority!” and she will slug a cop if he gives away a witness’ identity–and as the Veiled Avenger–she is quick with the whip and uses it in gunfights. Most of the criminals are ordinary, but in one story she goes after criminals killing people by draining their blood–the criminals then sell the blood to a bio-chemist.

First Appearance: Spotlight Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Nov 1944. 4 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by ?















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