Vapo Man. Scientist Bradford Cole is working with Dr. Kreiner on a secret experiment. Unfortunately, German saboteurs blow them both up, along with the laboratory they work in and the new formula they are working on. But fortunately, as the dying Dr. Kreiner says, "So--it has happened at last!   You are the chemical man, that scientists have been striving to create for ages! For centuries, chemists have sought in vain for the formula, which would decompose man and change him into a gaseous state--once acquired, you have the ability of willing yourself in and out of this state. You are the long sought for VAPO MAN!” As Vapo-Man, Cole can turn his body into gas and fly, can extend his limbs, make them giant or tiny, and can dissolve, solidify, and expand whatever he wants. After defeating the saboteurs who killed Dr. Kreiner Vapo-Man reports to the Defense Department and begins working for them. He uses his new powers against the enemies of freedom, usually German agents but also a Mad Scientist who unleashes a “purple plague” on America.

First Appearance: Liberty Scouts #2 (Centaur), June 1941. 5 appearances, 1941 1942. Created by Sam Gilman and ?















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