Jones, U.S. The “star pitcher of the Bisons,” Jones is framed for throwing a game. Moreover, he suffers from “dead arm,” and when he visits a doctor about is treated to a contemptuous lecture: “our country is girding itself to fight off the threat of conquest and all you can think of is a baseball game–bah! You should be in the Army-preparing yourself!” Fortunately, the doctor has invented a fluid which will “make you the most powerful of men,” and Jones is the first to be exposed to it. Sadly, racketeers break in while Jones is receiving the shot, and though Jones defeats the criminals the doctor is shot dead. Now Jones wanders from town to town searching out enemies of America. Jones has super-strength and is assisted by the hobo Grumbler.

First Appearance: Wonderworld Comics #28 (Fox), Aug 1941. 8 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Robert Farrell and Arturo Cazeneuve.







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