USA. In the year 1777 a girl watches, fascinated, as Betsy Ross makes the American flag. Ross gives the girl a locket with threads from the flag. But the girl becomes ill and dies, still clutching the locket. Then a nameless being decrees, “Sleep, my child, for in many years you shall awake as USA, the spirit of old glory, to watch and defend it!” The locket is found in an old cemetery in Philadelphia in 1942. When opened, the girl, now USA, emerges to fight threats to democracy, which she knows about when the flag she always carries droops. She can fly, is invulnerable and has a “torch of liberty” which projects flames and disintegration rays, but if someone (literally, physically) hides behind a flag she is helpless to act against them.

First Appearance: Feature Comics #42 (Quality), Mar 1941. 7 appearances, 1941. Created by Maurice Gutwirth and ?
















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