Unknown Soldier. “When any phase of democracy is threatened by subversive forces, the Unknown Soldier strikes like a bolt from the blue...this miracle man of America, with his unlimited powers comes to the aid of one and all...even though his origin and identity must remain a mystery, the Unknown Soldier has earned the devotion of all who love and fight for our flag!” The Unknown Soldier shows up wherever things look worst for democracy, whether that involves fighting bank robbers who use invisible ink and a special suit to turn invisible, cold-wielding villains like the Icicle, or Nazi Mad Scientists like Dr. Oxyo. The Unknown Soldier has super-strength, can fly, and carries a “nitro gun” whose bullets are explosive. He appears in stories with titles like “The Master of the Green Slime,” “Someday It Might Happen,” and “From Out of the Pages of History.”

First Appearance: Our Flag Comics #1 (Ace), Aug 1941. 22 appearances, 1941-1945. Created by ?














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