Unknown (I). “He is the Unknown! The man without a name. The man without a country. But who wages constant and unremitting attack upon the torch bearers of fascism.” “No one knows him for long...none can claim kinship to him...for he is a man who appears and disappears with the stealth and silence of a jungle cat, wherever villainy dares rear its head...an avenging figure blasts upon the scene with unrestrained fury, directed by a brain as cold and as true as steel! Whether his name is spoken aloud...or whispered in dread...he is known to all as the ‘Unknown.’” He fights the Nazis in occupied Europe, assisted by a “comitatus” of the Underground. He appears in stories with titles like “The Slave Mart,” “A Dream of Mars,” and “The Murderous Three.”

First Appearance: National Comics #23 (Quality), June 1942. 18 appearances, 1942-1944. Created by Ted Udall and Bernard Klein.















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