Uncle Sam. Ezra Smith, a patriotic American, tries to oppose a group of fascists calling themselves the “Purple Shirts.” For his troubles he gets shot dead. His son Buddy, heart broken, runs away into the nearby desert. Moments later he hears “Yankee Doodle” being whistled, and then meets Uncle Sam, the embodiment of American patriotism. Uncle Sam goes on to kick butt and take names for the American way. He is assisted by Buddy (II). He has super-strength, can perform Hulk leaps, can’t be photographed, and has limited precognition. In one story he teams up with Hercules (III), Neon the Unknown, Quicksilver, the Ray, and Black Condor. He fights a variety of Axis agents, human and super-human, from the Black Legion to the shrink-ray-wielding Professor Nakajima. Uncle Sam also fights the Mad Scientist Dr. Dirge, the King Killer, and the insanity-causing Mad Poet. Uncle Sam appears in stories with titles like “Yiffendi Invades the Philippines,” “Spy With Two Faces,” and “The Great Darkness.”

First Appearance: National Comics #1 (Quality), July 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1944. Created by Will Eisner.















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