Tygra. Lynn Thomas is working with her father at a medical mission deep in the Congo when an epidemic hits the region. The only solution is for Lynn to fly to London and pick up the “new synthetic vitamin, Autorene.” But on the way back to the Congo her plane crashes and she accidentally drinks the entire vial of autorene. This gives her superpowers: strength, agility, and endurance. After she throws a lion around and defeats several of the native Flame Warriors, they acclaim her the “Tawny One” and therefore their prophesied ruler. Alongside her love, Terry, the inventor of autorene, Tygra ends up rescuing Terry from various wild animals and fighting rebellious natives, enormous misandrist Amazons, Moreau-like Mad Scientists, and the Stone Man from Space. Tygra appears in stories with titles like "The Menace of the Baboons," "Phalanx of Fear," and "The Slaves of Babylon."

First Appearance: Startling Comics #45 (Standard), May 1947. 11 appearances, 1947-1948. Created by Joe Greene and Shelly Moldoff?

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