Twister. Bob Sanders of Windy Gap is picked up by a tornado and left back on Earth, a changed man, “a strange being...part of the cyclone itself.” He now has the ability to become "a part of the cyclone itself" and to control it. Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, for Sanders is a direct descendant of Odysseus, Sanders begins calling himself the Twister and working in Manhattan. In addition to his control over tornados he has super-strength, flight, and can whirl his arms around to create tornados. He also wields the fearsome Cyclone Gun, which blows blasts of air. In at least one story he teams up with Wonder Boy (II), Sub-Zero, and Blue Bolt. He appears in stories with titles like “The Aerial Saboteur,” “In the Painted Desert,” and “The Twister Battles an Airplane.”

First Appearance: Blue Bolt Comics #13 (Novelty Press), June 1941. 11 appearances, 1941. Created by Ray Gill and Paul Gustavson.














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