Trojak. Trojak is a Jungle Hero. He is the son of a Great White Explorer who helped a native African tribe, saving them from an attack by another tribe; the Great White Explorer was killed in battle, and so the unnamed tribe raised Trojak as their own. But because Trojak is white, he has to leave them (even though they make it clear they love him like a son). Trojak goes a wandering, helping various tribes (including his own) against bad white men and Germans. Trojak is the "Tiger Man," whose best friends are "Balu, the Tiger" and "Sator, the falcon." He can speak to the animals, and has the usual skills of a Tarzan imitator.

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #2 (Marvel), Feb 1940. 4 appearances, 1940. Created by Joe Simon and Arnold Hicks.

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