Torpedoman. Don Wallace wears a costume which allows him to fly and zoom around underwater. With it, he fights crime; as one criminal says, “I’ve heard rumors of some fool called Torpedoman who thinks he can undo all the injustice in the world.” Fortunately, Torpedoman is efficient and thorough in dealing with the aquatic-based criminals he encounters, such as those men who dig illegal underwater oil wells and use a giant octopus as its guardian. Torpedoman’s headquarters are located beneath the base of the Statue of Liberty, but he is active on all of America’s coasts. Torpedoman appears in stories with titles like "The Day He Faced The Octopus" and "Under the Base of the Statue of Liberty."

First Appearance: Captain Flight Comics #8 (Four Star Publications), May 1945. 3 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by Paul Gattuso and ?










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