Toro. One day the Human Torch is flying by a circus when he notices that the fire-eater, an orphaned boy, is fireproof. The Torch realizes that he’s “found a miniature Human Torch,” and approaches the boy. The Torch teaches the boy, Toro, how to control his flame, and Toro becomes his sidekick. They have a number of adventures together during the Golden Age, with Toro becoming a member and leader of the Young Allies and later a member of the All Winners Squad. In late 1948 Toro is replaced as the Human Torch's sidekick by Sun Girl. With the Torch Toro fights ordinary criminals, Nazis, the Sub-Mariner, the Asbestos Lady (whose gang wears asbestos suits), the Mad Scientist (and creator of the super-cold Green Flame) Dr. Manyac, the crime boss the Hag, Martians, and the Joker-like Nazi saboteur the Parrot. Toro appears in stories with titles like “Horror Hotel,” “The Ray of Madness,” and “The Lethal Lollipops.”

First Appearance: Human Torch #2 (Marvel), Fall 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1948. Created by Carl Burgos.









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