Tyme, Tommy. Tommy Tyme is a typical Brooklynite kid. One day while fishing he reels in a genie, who tells Tommy that he's allowed one wish. Tommy is nudged by the genie as to what he hates more than anything. The inevitable answer is of course "School!" so the genie gives Tommy the "Clock of Ages," which allows Tommy to travel back in time; he sets when and where he wants to go back, and then sets the watch's alarm, which will bring him back to the present. Tommy has adventures in various times and places, aiding Merlin and Horatio (of "Horatio on the bridge") and visiting Genghis Khan, ancient Rome, and Pancho Villa, although most of the time Tyme’s adventures are done so he can correctly answer the questions of his disapproving school teacher. Tommy is good with his fists and a crack shot with a pea shooter. Tyme appears in stories with titles like “The Mad Countess,” “Battalion of Death,” and “The Defense of New Orleans.”

First Appearance: Young Allies #7 (Marvel), Apr 1943. 22 appearances, 1943-1946. Created by Otto Binder.

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