Tim. Tim Roland is a boy who gets tangled up in the protection racket applied to druggist Bob Benton. With Tim’s accidental help, Benton creates the formula which gives him super-powers, and when Benton is in trouble Tim sniffs the formula himself, gaining super-strength and limited invulnerability. When Bob becomes the Black Terror, Tim becomes his sidekick, and together they are the “Terror Twins.” Like Bob, Tim is happy to be lethal in the use of his powers.
Tim’s enemies range from Nazis to Mad Scientists like Thorg (he of the “million dollar death ray”), the femme fatale Lady Serpent (who has a hypnotic glance), and the Japanese scientist Hanura and his “electro-hypnotizer,” which is used to assassinate American generals and admirals. In a later story Tim discovers that in 17th century France a hero named “Le Terreur Noir” operated, with a sidekick who looked exactly like Tim. Tim appears in stories with titles like "The Man who Dreamed Too Much," "Threat of the Atomic Platter,” and “Sinistro’s Beast-Men.”

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #9 (Standard), May 1941. 178 appearances, 1941-1949. Created by Richard Hughes and Dave Gabrielson.














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