Tiger Girl. Tiger Girl, a.k.a. Princess Vishnu, is the daughter of an Indian rajah and an Irish mother. The rajah loved hunting lions in Africa, but was killed by a lion. Vishnu was raised by her father’s Sikh servant Abdola and became a Sheena-style Jungle Hero in Africa. With the help of a whip and her pet tiger Benzali she fights evil in the jungle, based out of a hidden temple and summoned by the drums of the natives. She fights slavers, cruel white men on safari, the Congo Cobra, the Vampires of the Crystal Cavern, zebra-riding Amazons, the troglodytic Tusk Men, killer apes, giant vampire bats, Chaka, prophet of the ape god, the undead god man giant, B'shini, the native shaman Doctor Voodoo, and the Slave-Queen of the Ape-Men. Tiger Girl appears in stories with titles like “The Winged Demons of Doom” and “The Shadowland Shrine.”

First Appearance: Fight Comics #32 (Fiction House), June 1944. 63 appearances, 1944-1954. Created by Robert Webb and ?















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