Thun Dohr. “In the farthest depths of unknown Tibet--league upon league beyond unclimbable mountains and timeless glaciers—lies the mystic monastery of Lha I Ha! Here in quiet courts where the power and knowledge of ages sleep secure—Thun Dohr, American born lama, makes ready for a mighty task!” This Westerner serves “an ancient Dalai Lama who sits as he has sat for 300 years on a throne of solid gold.” Left in Tibet when his parents’ expedition died in the snows, Thun Dohr was raised in the lamasery and has “achieved what the world’s finest minds claimed impossible--complete mastery of mind over matter!!” This mastery includes invisibility, immunity to fire and ice, and the ability to survive in a vacuum. He uses these abilities to fight wickedness, including an obese misanthropic Yellow Peril who deliberately opens Pandora’s Box. Thun Dohr appears in “Origin of Thun Dohr” and “The Great American Pyramid.”

First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics #13 (Lev Gleason), Aug 1941. 2 appearances, 1941. Created by Jeff Remon.














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