Thunderbrand. “In 1500, the Mediterranean was Europe’s great causeway to the little known world outside--and over its blue expanse range the powerful fleets of rival kingdoms! Only one man was bold enough to challenge all--Barbarossa, the sea raider who prowled from Gibraltar to the Aegean isles. Into this career of dauntless deviltry fate cast a figure who was to master Barbarossa himself—the captive prince reared in a storm of adventure and nicknamed ‘Thunderbrand!’” Brand, who earns his nickname for the power of his fist, is impudent, brave, and a master of swordplay (trained by Barbarossa himself), was taken by Barbarossa from a Knights of St. John caravel when Thunderbrand was but a boy, and no one knows his true origin. (It turns out he’s a prince).

First Appearance: Cannonball Comics #1 (Rural Home), Feb 1945. 2 appearances, 1945. Created by ?
















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