Thompson, Tex. Tex Thompson, a cowboy, strikes it rich in the oil fields of Texas and then leaves it. He has a wide range of exploring adventures until he is asked to watch over a shipment of food on its way to Europe. The liner is sabotaged and sunk, and Tex is the only survivor. He returns to America and begins fighting crime in Center City as the whip‑wielding Mr. America. Later still he goes to fight the Germans in Europe as the Americommando. He is teamed with Bob Daley, later the costumed Fatman. Tex has no powers but is good in a fight. He fights explores lost cities, he he fights ape armies, he woos the Queen of the Malays, he has a recurring nemesis in the person of the cyclopean Yellow Peril Gorrah, he fights zombies and island demons, he fights spies, the half‑German, half‑Japanese dwarf “master of assassination” Dr. Ito, and the female crime lord Queen Bee, and he kills lots of Germans and Japanese during the war. Tex Thompson appears in stories with titles like “The Gorrah Strikes at Libraries,” “The Giant Puppets,” and “The Pied Piper of Doom.”

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (DC), June 1938. 74 appearances, 1938-1944. Created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily


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