Taylor, Tex. When he was a younger man Tex Taylor lived with his father ("the best cattleman in this state") on their ranch in Whisperin' Valley, near Wishbone, Texas. One day the head of the "Cattlemen's Protection League" attempted to extort protection money from Tex's father. His father, naturally, refused, and the head of the League rode off, uttering threats. Soon after that Taylor joined the Army during the Civil War, although it is not revealed which side he fought for. While Taylor is away at war he received a letter saying that his father was dead and that he had, before his death, sold the ranch to the League. Tex returned to find that the head of the League had gotten himself elected Sheriff, forced Taylor’s father to sign the ranch over to him, and then had him killed. Taylor investigated matters, shooting a few folks on the way, and then discovered that the town mayor was responsible for everything, having forced the sheriff of Wishbone to do all the bad things. The mayor was interested in the gold deposits on the ranch of Taylor’s father. Taylor killed the mayor, and then had "reason enough to spend the rest of my life hunting down varmints like the Mayor  and DESTROYING THEM!" Some of Tex's adventures are on the fantastic side: in "Trapped in Time's Lost Land" he battles dinosaurs and sabre toothed tigers, and in "The Mystery of Devil Tree Plateau" he encounters dwarf horses, a miniature village, and a lost race of dwarf Incans. He appears in stories with titles like “Mystery of the Devil-tree Plateau,” “Trapped in Time’s Lost Land,” and “The Juggler of Yellow Valley.”

First Appearance: Wild West #1 (Marvel), Spring 1948. 38 appearances, 1948-1950. Created by Werner Roth and ?














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